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Здесь вы можете бесплатно пройти тест и проверить свой уровень знания английского языка. Данный тест разработан для оценки знаний абитуриентов. Что бы узнать результаты вам необходимо заполонить и отправить форму с вопросами.

Вставьте в текст пропущенные слова или фразы. Если Вы не знаете ответа - не ставьте ничего. Не пытайтесь отгадать.
1. He a doctor.
2. Where is Siberia? in Russia.
3. What’s name? She is Helen.
4. Can you give me advice?
5. I live here. I live in the city centre.
6. he want coffee or tea?
7. ’s that man in the photo? It’s my wife’s father.
8. We at home last night.
9. She cereal for breakfast yesterday.
10. There aren’t cars in the car park.
11. I bought a camera but I left in the shop.
12. they going to meet us at the airport?
13. Let’s meet Monday.
14. I smoke here?
15. Are these keys?
16. Did he out last night?
17. That house is in the street.
18. I’d like Spanish.
19. I have been many countries.
20. Is this
21. We are going to London the 6th of October.
22. Hey! You on my foot.
23. It’s the person serves you in the café.
24. Have you my car keys?
25. He met his wife when he in Japan.
26. it was very cold, she wasn’t wearing a coat.
27. What film you going to see tomorrow?
28. – I’m hungry. - I make a sandwich for you?
29. London is than Manchester.
30. That’s the dog always bark at night.
31. I have had breakfast.
32. He is planning a holiday next month.
33. I called him his mobile was turned off.
34. I like to go on Friday night.
35. If you now, you’ll catch the 8 train.
36. You’d feel much better if you smoking
37. She wasn’t in class today. She be ill.
38. have you been married?
39. She here for 10 years.
40. The Eiffel Tower in 1889.
41. How meat do you eat?
42. He has friends.
43. - I like tea. do I.
44. I couldn’t get into my flat because I my keys.
45. He her that he loved her.
46. She to be shy.
47. I wish you yesterday.
48. is banned in all public places.
49. The film on a famous novel.
50. He can’t be serious, ?
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